Monday, 6 September 2010

i'm in a blogger mood :

I WANT THIS DRESS. for prom mainly but also future parties :) I tried it on and absolutely love it! butt it's very pricey! i'm trying to get round my mum with the whole 'I'm rubbish at decisions, and prom dresses are so hard to find, especially one you like!' but it's not working :L

£55 :O - Topshop



  1. Cute dress! Your blog is sweet. I am sure you could find a similar dress at a vintage store or a charity shop for much less money, lovely though this one is. I brought my prom dress at a vintage store and it was gorgeous (I'm biased) and inexpensive and I liked to imagine it was worn by a Hollywood movie star or a rich old lady in its former life :D Just an idea!

  2. that is a good idea! thanks for the advice :)

  3. woww the dress look so beautiful! thanks for your comment,dear! check my new post :):)