Saturday, 16 October 2010

Winter Outfits!

Finally my computer has let me post this :)



pink top: £20 H&M   

Grey top: £3 H&M                              
leggings: £6 H&M                              
belt: £2 primark
pearl necklace: £8 accessorize
mirror necklace: £8 topshop             

Boots: £30 River island
socks: £7 topshop :)                   


cardigan: £20 Pull and bear
typewriter top: £10 zara
denim skirt: £20 h&m
ribbed grey tights: £8 h&m
brogues: £16 new look 

polo: £20 ebay (originally hollister)
jeggings: £20 dorothy perkins

I would wear this outfit with a thick 
cardigan or hoody and my ankle boots.

grey top: same as before
blue cardigan: £20 h&m
chunky scarf: £18 accessorize
joggers: £6 new look!

Hope you like it :D xxxx

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Woahh it's been a while! Considering I've had the past two days off school I've finally found time to post! :)

So it's getting further into winter now and in loving it! I used to hate winter but now I love it; the cold weather means I can wear snuggly warm clothes, the tv is getting good, I'm going to Iceland in 2 weeks! And it's not ling until my birthday and Christmas :)

I will post some pictures of the outfits I'm loving over the weekend and I promise to update my blog more regularly, hopefully I'll get more followers who'll be able to help with my technical/display issues :L

lovess xxx <3