Saturday, 16 October 2010

Winter Outfits!

Finally my computer has let me post this :)



pink top: £20 H&M   

Grey top: £3 H&M                              
leggings: £6 H&M                              
belt: £2 primark
pearl necklace: £8 accessorize
mirror necklace: £8 topshop             

Boots: £30 River island
socks: £7 topshop :)                   


cardigan: £20 Pull and bear
typewriter top: £10 zara
denim skirt: £20 h&m
ribbed grey tights: £8 h&m
brogues: £16 new look 

polo: £20 ebay (originally hollister)
jeggings: £20 dorothy perkins

I would wear this outfit with a thick 
cardigan or hoody and my ankle boots.

grey top: same as before
blue cardigan: £20 h&m
chunky scarf: £18 accessorize
joggers: £6 new look!

Hope you like it :D xxxx

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Woahh it's been a while! Considering I've had the past two days off school I've finally found time to post! :)

So it's getting further into winter now and in loving it! I used to hate winter but now I love it; the cold weather means I can wear snuggly warm clothes, the tv is getting good, I'm going to Iceland in 2 weeks! And it's not ling until my birthday and Christmas :)

I will post some pictures of the outfits I'm loving over the weekend and I promise to update my blog more regularly, hopefully I'll get more followers who'll be able to help with my technical/display issues :L

lovess xxx <3

Sunday, 19 September 2010

5 Followers and helppppp :)

yay, up to 5 followers! :L
- does anyone know anywhere to get pretty Cath Kidston style duvet covers/ bedroom decorations? :)
- does anyone have any tips on staying clean/'pretty' while camping? i'm doing dofe this weekend, 3nights of wild camping, NOT looking forward to it! so any tips would be appreciated :)
- also, how do you get the title/picture title at the top in the middle of the page? i can't seem to do it! :L

I will be adding more wishlists/hauls/reviews soon :D

thankssss xx

Thursday, 9 September 2010

New things :)

bought some new things yesterday in boots: 
-Neutrogena pink grapefruit facial wash
-St. Ives apricot facial scrub
-Original Source Lemon and Teatree showergel (smells like sherbet lemons!)
-Charlie Pink
-Nivea doublewear deodorant

i will probably review a few of these things once i've tried them out :)

and I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT MY FRIEND FORCING ME TO DO DOFE SILVER TWO WEEKS TODAY! i did bronze, i enjoyed it but not enough to go through it all over again IN THE BLACK MOUNTAINS IN WALES with two awfully annoying boys and the most annoying girl ON EARTH who got moved into our group :(


Monday, 6 September 2010

i'm in a blogger mood :

I WANT THIS DRESS. for prom mainly but also future parties :) I tried it on and absolutely love it! butt it's very pricey! i'm trying to get round my mum with the whole 'I'm rubbish at decisions, and prom dresses are so hard to find, especially one you like!' but it's not working :L

£55 :O - Topshop


1 follower :)

ahha, i have one follower :) but thankyouuuu beautylovex3 for following! :D

umm this is just gonna be a ramble really, i'm trying to get a few more followers but it's not really happening :P  I have school on wednesday :( and it's a really important year, full of exams, dofe expeditions, friendships, boring lessons, arguments and stress buttttt it should fly by right? I just hate the first few weeks, going in not knowing what books you need, not remembering anything! and not knowing where to go or when. But i donn't mind once i'm back in the routine of things :)


Friday, 3 September 2010


managed to spend all my money today :L
£8 - Accessorize
£1 - superdrug

(as above)

£17 -  New Look :)

£1.50 - Primark
£7 - Topshop <3

yaaay :) I've never done a haul before, but i didn't get that much, ah well :D