Monday, 6 September 2010

1 follower :)

ahha, i have one follower :) but thankyouuuu beautylovex3 for following! :D

umm this is just gonna be a ramble really, i'm trying to get a few more followers but it's not really happening :P  I have school on wednesday :( and it's a really important year, full of exams, dofe expeditions, friendships, boring lessons, arguments and stress buttttt it should fly by right? I just hate the first few weeks, going in not knowing what books you need, not remembering anything! and not knowing where to go or when. But i donn't mind once i'm back in the routine of things :)


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  1. Aaawww :) Thats soo sweet a post dedicated to mee :)Thanxx , dont worry im sure you will get plenty more folowerss !! I actually made a new blog, and im strugling a little to get some folowers !! currently have one:) but its better than nothing. I guess the trick is to go onto otherpeoples blogs and leave them a comment and in your comment leave your link ;) Check my other blog out :)

    p.s. OMG we do DofE in my school, but i didnt do it last year cause i kinda didnt know when they were doing all of it so i missed it. But i guess i didnt miss out cause i went somewhere else :) xxx