Friday, 3 September 2010


managed to spend all my money today :L
£8 - Accessorize
£1 - superdrug

(as above)

£17 -  New Look :)

£1.50 - Primark
£7 - Topshop <3

yaaay :) I've never done a haul before, but i didn't get that much, ah well :D


  1. Wow i really love that neclace from accesorise !!
    and I really need a pair of broguess !!i love them but i just never seem to get them !!Lovely haul xx

  2. Thankyou :) awh, you should definitely get some brogues, they go with a lot of things and are good for winter :D
    also I must say your picture Is stunning! xoxo

  3. aawww thankss !! and yeaah im gonna get myself a pairr, just dont know wheter to go brown or grey, im gonna get black for schoool, but i want a second pair. what do you think ??

  4. hmm i think brown look more 'vintage' but grey go with more things :) xx